Sunday, 19 July 2009

Interzone 223 (Dominic Green special issue)

Butterfly Bomb by Dominic Green

Old man gets himself taken by slavers to rescue his granddaughter -- who is not the dear little thing she appears to be.

A stirring story set in an intriguing universe where technology doesn't work as it should -- the slavers are glad to take Krishna on board as an AI mediator because their computer is sulking.

I loved being in this universe, and wanted to spend more time there; and I admired Krishna and the limitations imposed on him by his frailty.

Coat of Many Colours by Dominic Green

Scientist annoys big business by trying to prove that a genetically engineered creature is too intelligent to farm for its skin.

Glister by Dominic Green

Stranded hunters get lucky in a goldrush con adventure.

I read this one a second time, and the start made a lot more sense once I knew what the twist was.

The Migration of Aishwarya Desai by Eric Gregory

Scholars argue about the nature and observing of alien creatures.

This flew right over my head philosophically, but it was very atmospheric. The claustrophobic luxury of living quarters on the the snow planet Ganesha was very well conveyed. And I liked the descriptions of Desai's physical reactions to the debate.

Silence and Roses by Suzanne Palmer

Robot carers discover first death and then hope.

This was lovely and played me like a lute. It's achingly sad, then hopeful and finally the end put a big smile on my face. I feel quite ashamed at being such a simple soul, but this was very skillfully written.

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